Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to copy a computer ?

When used computer just copy and will be much more easily. Copy, paste, for quite some time-saving, basic skill can be together. Computer technology, copy and paste is required with as you progress, automated process to some thoughts. Trying to avoid anything wrongnow, but watch out the correct combination of keys.
Text and file copies the other items. It's a exclusive detail, such clicking mouse, highlight the file or folder. Some of the text starts and moves to the cease of the department to highlight the part of the mouse to copy and click mouse button-press to. Highlight the text to be copied when you release the button.

Press "Ctrl" cardinal about your keypad. Hold the key press and hold the "C" cardinal. Acquittance the two keys. Without any items of problem or your computer text, copy, do not worry you do not see what this key combination is displayed.Text or see where to paste the previously copied items. Click your mouse to paste.Press the key and then press the "Ctrl" key again. This time is the "V" key. This is a simple mouse click and paste the last thing copied.
Keyboard characters are identical, a Mac is command "(Cmd / Apple )" and use "C"copy "Cmd"or"V" to paste the key.Read more....

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