Sunday, April 7, 2013

Use the router from one computer to another computer and transfer data

Use of wire or cable that require data transfer between two computers earlier is a cumbersome process. Transfer the files, thanks to advances in technology of currently available radio router.
Afford the get bill of fare of the calculator that arrests the file. The broadcast of uncommitted meshes is exhibited in the Connections window. Click the network, connections. Security key, so that you will be prompted. Connect to type the passphrase.

Right mouse button click the file select the computer and sent to the public folder location. Click the address bar and click the "copy", now to find a public folder, type: X:\users\public. To install the operating system drive letter x populace booklet. Right-click the booklet in the [copy files to the public folder paste] clicks will be displayed.
Go to the start menu. "Network and Internet"Control Panel". Assailable the electronic network and apportioning Center. ("Public folder sharing" in the history of the same line), and click the button with an arrow on the many options. Then click the share settings and open files that the user can set, click apply to enable.

Select the computer to transfer your charges. Afford the begin menu and then click "network". This folder displays the icon for your computer in files. Chatter the ikon to afford it. The public folders for sharing this machine will bring you. Click the populace booklet. Right-click the carry-over file, select "copy".
(In the address bar as is booklet: /) to accession 20 aim. Hera, the X represents advert of the OS aim. Right-click the drive, and click "Paste" on both computers migrated files.Read more....

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