Friday, April 12, 2013

If you get a hacker breaking into your computer, how to ?

Catch hack is complicated. The film attempts to show and breakout program, usually installed in remote or pop-up window. The fact is that the majority of hacking attempts far more often without the victim's knowledge of the most stylish. If you suspect you need to try immediately to try to track the IP addresses of the hackers, hacking exposed. IP addresses are used to identify a user's computer, all Internet is the code number assigned to it.

In the prompt windowpane, case "netstat-b" and then press enter. Today some programs, Internet connections, this command displays the IP address that is associated with the. List information if your computer is not yet give an IP address to send in real time and are updated every 5 seconds. You can easily identify or cannot find the name of the program that all IP addresses. Carefully copy the IP address. I have the screen in a prompt windowpane because a photo for future reference
"Tracery" keeps track of the prompt windowpane, and case the IP address. If, for example, IP address about the tracker command prompt window, type "". Internet service provider identification information includes advert of the IP.

Instead, the network solutions Web site, find the IP address of the ISP Whois search can be performed.
Shut down the computer. Described inch dance step 3, contact your ISP. The IP address in question and provides a warning. Contingent the badness by the berth, the local Office of the FBI to notify. Also the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center reports.Read more.....

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