Monday, April 15, 2013

TV is the way to play music from your computer

Please these days, for most of us, most of the music collection in a digital format. The play is generally attempted only the best ear buds. How good must sometimes share the discover in iTunes now, most of the TV through the surround sound on it. PC and TV audio cable stereo mini plug to RCA Jack, bridging over the breach betwixt need splitting.

Audio cable if you have an older TV, you need to buy: no Jack. In addition, it must be converted to F. Or in this case, this small, perhaps the DVD Player plug-ins. Radio set Shack, better buy could get together or your local anesthetic electronics retail merchant. The longest cable that can connect to the TV.
To the audio input of the TV. The most complex TV new plugins (series 3 the white RCA plug, yellow and red) in the front and back. If you have a DVD player or a Blu-ray disc, apparently these schemas.
Cable TV set from your computer to integrate close enough to. Start your computer, your darling metiers player. Select "all programs" go to "start" in Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player, select it from the list. Open the audio file or playlist search. The Media Player opens: "all programs" and blue-ribbon the broadcast you want to use from the list.
Connect the headphone jack of your computer, plug the audio frequency cable length into the mini. On the back of the normal desktop. Add Jack on the front of the computer. Front side-probably a laptop or computer. The blood-red and achromatic RCA Jack yack the two TV connection.

Select the video mode by using the buttons, the TV and the audio cable RCA Jack input on the set. Not sure, see your owner's manual. Check the manufacturer's Web site also is a good source of information.
An audio file to play with Windows Media Player. Take it easy and enjoy the music, tone and volume adjustment.
High frequency inverter, connect the audio cable TV Jack in Jack connect computer ". The same channel, the TV channel switch is turned on.
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