Monday, April 15, 2013

How to kill a computer worm ?


Data network error infected slow Internet connection of the computer, results to files can be lossy comprises a character by a virus. Then protect the computer important bug, a computer. There is no extensive measures even stop when the computer worm. For more information about how to remove the security of your computer and your personal data protection computer worm's increased productivity from your computer.

Computer viruses are computer viruses and understand the difference between. A computing device worm is a piece of malicious software. Computer networks such as the Internet can be used, creates the copy of itself to additional computers, send yourself. Does not require what owner in the execution of viruses and worms. Computer worms can delay connection speed bandwidth replication and virus can affect most Internet connections, will be substantial.
Unrecognized email: suspicious file you want to open do not open emails from a friend, do not.
Install antivirus software and firewall. Norton, McAfee, etc. Programs are paying security firms, including some software developers provide the characteristics of firewalls and antivirus software. AVG Antivirus and Zone Alarm Firewall (imaginations] section links) of such recommended if you don't want your money software, download the free product.
If the suspected infected with a computer worm, your computer disables System Restore. Chatter the begin bill of fare a right click and select property's icon in my computer. In the window that appears, click the arrangement bushel tab. To disable System Restore check box next to the title click on the [all right] and airless the window pane. Arrangement bushel is the inbuilt accompaniment tool is a Windows operating system. You can create a backup of your computer to run the worm.

You can use the antivirus software is installed on your computer download and scan in step 3. To infect your computer, not to remove the antivirus software worm. However, computer software is available, will tell you the kinds of infections. You can find the antivirus software to scan your computer while note the name of the worm.
Turn of the antivirus software package. Antivirus software package is not like never lightly excluding situations before. Worms how to remove if you are running into conflicts that could cause system failures when you remove the computer.
Emotion kit out from the internet site of Kaspersky's anti-virus companies (resource] section links) then warms. List of worms, Kaspersky step 6 shows up in search, is the name of the worm. Computer worms, worm removal tool download, click the file for the PC as particular. Be given the downloaded charge, remove the worm follows the screen instructs.
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